A daily supplement routine: Supplemental Insights at 45

Eager to know about a daily supplement routine? Dive in.

Magnesium and Bioavailable Copper: At the core of my regimen, influenced by Morley Robbins’ “Root Cause Protocol,” are magnesium and bioavailable copper, instrumental in combating chronic fatigue. I bank on magnesium malate during the day for vitality and switch to magnesium glycinate by night for muscle function.

Essential Vitamins: A plethora of vitamins, copper, and iron come my way through the powerful combination of cod liver oil (a key source of Vitamin A) and Bobbi’s FlavCity Vitamin C, derived from whole foods. For gut health, my mornings start with Seed, a probiotic championing regular digestion.

Colostrum: A recent entrant, colostrum boasts of being the first milk, rich in nutrients and recognized for its immunity-boosting and gut-enhancing attributes. Extracted from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, it’s abundant in bioactives, benefitting the gut, lungs, and respiratory system. While on the topic, Armra’s unflavored variant gets my nod.

Hydration and Energy Boost: I frequently spike my water with trace minerals and swear by the adrenal cocktail, a concoction of Vitamin C, sodium, and potassium, twice daily for that energy upliftment.

Sleep and Relaxation: Evening times call for magnesium glycinate. If fatigue’s haunting you, especially via disrupted sleep, this supplement is a godsend. Aim for around 700mg of magnesium daily for all-round health.

Flu Season Must-haves: During flu outbreaks, ensure your vitamin C is plant-derived like from acerola juice or amla berry. It promises complete bioavailability.

A Note on Colostrum and Probiotics: They aren’t one and the same. While colostrum is packed with bioactives, it lacks the beneficial bacteria of probiotics. That’s where “Seed” steps in, reaching your colon effectively, which most probiotics falter at.

Brain Power with FlavCity: Enhance your cognitive prowess with NeuroEffect by Paleo Valley and our community-favorite FlavCity supplement, teeming with potent ingredients like Lion’s Mane mushrooms and adaptogens.

Triple Threat Highlight: This potent mix of D3, zinc, and K2 is especially effective during the flu season. Don’t forget the promotional offer on shopflavestcity.com with the code “protection” for a neat discount.

Stay Tuned: Anticipate a clean gummy multivitamin launch in April on shopflavestcity.com. Tailored for both men and women, it’s free from unnecessary additives, ensuring a healthy dose of essential vitamins and organic produce.

Vitamins I Take Every Day At 45 Years Old

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