Cher at 77: The Dietary Decisions Behind Her Evergreen Health

Cher at 77: The Dietary Decisions Behind Her Evergreen Health
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The secret to Cher’s enduring health and beauty at age 77 lies in her genetic lineage and smart lifestyle choices. Notably, her mother, Georgia Holt, reached the age of 96. Cher fondly recalls her grandmother’s fitness enthusiasm at 72, sharing, “For her birthday, she desired new gym attire. By that age, she was in peak physical and mental shape.”

Yet, it’s not just hereditary factors at play. Cher’s conscious dietary shifts in 1991 play a significant role in her current well-being.

While discussing her challenges in maintaining a healthy diet during film shoots 32 years ago with People Magazine, Cher revealed her collaboration with nutritionist Robert Haas on a wellness book. Under Haas’s influence, Cher adopted several nutritional changes:

  • Cheese Elimination: Cher cautioned against cheese due to its digestive challenges and high fat content.
  • Milk Moderation: Transitioning from regular to non-fat milk or occasionally bypassing it.
  • Healthy Food Selections: She began choosing brown rice over its white counterpart and fruits like bananas and papayas for dessert. Vegetables, pasta, and legumes like lentils and beans also became diet staples.

“My health is paramount. I avoid drugs, rarely indulge in alcohol or red meat, and coffee isn’t for me,” Cher emphasized.

Cher’s dietary choices align with the contemporary guidelines of the “Harvard diet.” Emphasizing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and premium proteins, this approach is championed by Harvard’s nutrition expert, Lilian Cheung. She asserts that following this regimen can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular issues, cancers, and diabetes.

While dairy products offer certain benefits, they can sometimes lead to issues like bloating. It’s advisable to consume items such as cheese in limited amounts.

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