Five Fresh Sports to Debut at the 2028 LA Olympics

SALT LAKE CITY – The 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles are set to introduce five sports: flag football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and squash. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in its annual session in India, stamped its final approval on these additions exclusively for the LA Games on October 16th.

A Nod to History and New Beginnings

While flag football and squash will experience their inaugural Olympic moments in Los Angeles, baseball and softball will be making a return, having last featured in the Tokyo 2020 Games – an event postponed due to the pandemic.

Interestingly, cricket and lacrosse are making a century-long comeback. The former was last seen at the 1900 Paris Olympics and the latter graced both the St. Louis 1904 and London 1908 Olympics.

Aligning with American Sports Culture

IOC President, Thomas Bach, shared his enthusiasm, stating that these inclusions resonate with American sports culture. They promise to highlight iconic American sports while introducing international ones to the U.S. Bach emphasized not only the unique edge these additions give to the LA Games but also the broader engagement opportunities they create with new athlete and fan communities worldwide.

Flag football’s inclusion was especially celebrated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, noting its growth, particularly among women and girls. “We have no doubt that this decision will inspire millions of young people around the world to play this game in the years ahead,” commented Goodell. Bach also revealed spring discussions with Goodell to strengthen ties with professional sports leagues, which historically brought fresh fans to the Olympics.

A Game-Changing Lineup

Casey Wasserman, the chairman of the Los Angeles organizing committee, is confident that the upcoming Summer Games’ sports lineup will make it unparalleled in its appeal. He expressed excitement over partnerships with major professional leagues, aiming to amplify the Olympic and Paralympic narratives and engage new audiences.

Beyond the five sports spotlighted, the IOC confirmed the inclusion of modern pentathlon and weightlifting for Los Angeles, adding to the 28 previously ratified sports. However, the fate of boxing remains undecided.

In other IOC decisions, there’s been an approval to jointly award the 2030 and 2034 Winter Games next year. With Salt Lake City showing interest in hosting either, they’ve expressed a preference for 2034 to prevent a sponsorship clash with the LA Games.

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