Levon Aronian: The Brilliant Armenian Grandmaster

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Levon Aronian, born October 6, 1982, is an Armenian chess grandmaster who has consistently proven to be among the world’s elite players. Hailing from Yerevan, Armenia, Aronian has been one of the leading faces in the chess world for over two decades. Known for his creative and aggressive playing style, Aronian is widely admired for his ability to create complex and challenging positions on the chessboard.

Early Years and Personal Life

Levon Aronian was born on October 6, 1982, in Yerevan, Armenia. His intellectual curiosity was nurtured by his parents, both of whom were accomplished professionals in their respective fields. His father, Suren Aronian, was a physicist, and his mother, Tina Aronian, was an engineer. Keen on encouraging Aronian’s various interests, they introduced Levon to the game of chess when he was only nine years old.

In this intellectual and stimulating environment, Aronian and his siblings, Lilita and Gor, all ventured successfully into the realm of chess. Both Lilita and Gor followed in their brother’s footsteps to become adept chess players in their own right.

On September 30, 2017, Levon Aronian married Arianne Caoili, an accomplished Australian chess player. Unfortunately, Aronian’s personal life was marred by tragedy when Arianne passed away in 2020 following a road accident. Despite the profound loss, Aronian has shown resilience, continuing to play and contribute significantly to the chess world.

Aronian’s journey, from his early years in an intellectually stimulating family to his present-day status as one of the world’s premier chess grandmasters, reflects his exceptional talent, relentless dedication, and unparalleled resilience.


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Chess Career

Junior Years and Early Success

With a natural affinity for chess, Aronian swiftly navigated through the ranks, receiving the grandmaster title in 2000 when he was just 17. This marked a significant step in his journey, thrusting him onto the global chess stage.

His prolific chess career was punctuated by numerous victories, but winning the FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs or World Chess Federation) World Cup in 2005 stood out as a major achievement. The FIDE World Cup is a prestigious global tournament, and winning it was a testament to Aronian’s exceptional skills and relentless dedication to the game.

By March 2014, Aronian’s ELO rating reached a remarkable peak of 2830[1%5E], placing him as the second-highest rated player in history at the time. This rating places him amongst a select group of chess players who have ever crossed the 2800 rating threshold. At this point, Aronian had not only made a significant mark in Armenian chess history but also in the global chess fraternity. His tactical brilliance and strategic ingenuity on the chessboard have continued to inspire and dazzle chess enthusiasts and professionals around the world.


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Rising Star and Grandmaster

In 2000, Aronian earned the grandmaster title at just 17 years old. He continued to achieve significant milestones in his career, winning the FIDE World Cup in 2005 and attaining a peak rating of 2816 in March 2014, placing him at the time as the second-highest rated player in history.

5 Key Performances of Chess Grandmaster Levon Aronian

1. 2000: Earning the Grandmaster Title

Levon Aronian began to make his mark in the world of chess early, earning the grandmaster title at only 17 years old[1%5E]. This certified Aronian’s exceptional talent and set the stage for a succession of significant accomplishments.

2. 2005, 2017: FIDE World Cup Victories

Aronian’s first major success came in the form of the FIDE World Cup win in 2005. He then managed to secure his second World Cup title in 2017 by defeating Chinese grandmaster Ding Liren, highlighting his consistency at the highest level over a long chess career.

3. 2015: Sinquefield Cup

Competing against the best players in the world, Aronian emerged victorious at the 2015 Sinquefield Cup. His strong performance of 6/9 points is a testament to his prowess in handling tough competition.

4. 2014: Tata Steel Masters

Recognized as one of the most prestigious chess events, the Tata Steel Masters tournament saw Aronian outmaneuvering his competitors in 2014. Topping such a star-studded field is indicative of Aronian’s consistent excellence.

5. 2006, 2007: Chess Olympiads

Aronian played a crucial role in securing gold medals for the Armenian national team at the Chess Olympiads in both 2006 and 2007. His contributions cleaved a clear path to victory, thus highlighting his impact in the global chess landscape.

Also noteworthy is Aronian’s peak rating of 2816 in March 2014 which, at the time, made him the second highest-rated player in history. This is just one of his numerous significant accomplishments in his illustrious chess career.


  1. Levon Aronian
  2. The Top Chess Players in the World

The Unique Playing Style of Levon Aronian

Levon Aronian’s chess style is notable for its creativity, boldness, and aggressive approach. Taking inspiration from legendary chess players like Mikhail Tal and Garry Kasparov, Aronian often displays a fearless daring that has come to define him as a player[2%5E].

Unorthodox Openings

One of the hallmarks of Aronian’s style is his propensity for unorthodox opening choices. He has been often seen deploying relatively less explored lines, which can destabilize his opponent and shape the game into a complex and challenging battlefield. It’s this unpredictability and willingness to experiment that makes him a formidable and engaging player to watch.

Sacrificial Attacks

Aronian has demonstrated a remarkable affinity for sacrificial attacks. He willingly compromises material for dynamic attacking possibilities and to gain positional advantages, often resulting in memorable and aesthetically pleasing masterpieces. Bold sacrifice is a common theme in his games, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Strategic Complexity

Aronian’s games are also known for their strategic complexity. He navigates complex middlegame positions with flair and finesse, skillfully maneuvering his pieces to weave strategic threats and maintain control over his opponent’s resources. His ability to create, manage, and exploit strategically complex positions provides a great learning resource for budding chess enthusiasts.

Thanks to his inventive and dynamic approach, Aronian has not only been successful in various tournaments but restored a sense of mystery and thrill to the game of chess. His unique and unpredictable playing style continues to leave a lasting impact on the chess world and inspires future generations.


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  2. Levon Aronian

Charity Work

Levon Aronian’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Levon Aronian has been dedicating his time and resources to various charitable projects, with a primary focus on chess education and development through the Levon Aronian Foundation[1%5E]. Established in 2016, the foundation aims to:

Support and nurture young chess talent in Armenia by providing resources, training, and financial assistance.

Promote the advancement of chess education in Armenian schools by supporting local chess clubs and trainers.

Encourage the growth of the chess community and elevate Armenia’s global presence in the chess arena.

The Levon Aronian Foundation’s work has positively impacted many young Armenian chess players, providing them with a solid foundation, opportunities, and resources to advance their skills[1%5E]. As a result, the foundation plays an integral role in promoting the game of chess in Armenia, as well as inspiring the next generation of chess enthusiasts and professionals.



Levon Aronian: Contributing to Armenian Chess

Levon Aronian has influenced the game of chess in Armenia not just through his achievements on the chessboard but also through his active contributions to chess education and its popularization.

Promoting Chess Education

Aronian has been working tirelessly to advance chess education in Armenia. His foundation, the Levon Aronian Foundation, aims to promote chess in schools and provide resources, training, and financial support to budding chess players. His efforts have helped foster a chess culture where young talents can thrive and pursue chess professionally.

Chess in Social Projects

Aronian has also used chess as a vehicle for social change. By promoting chess as an educational tool, he believes that it can help children develop such skills as problem-solving, strategic thinking, and perseverance. His involvement in social projects enables the introduction of chess to a broader demographic, ensuring the game’s accessibility to young people from various backgrounds.

Popularizing Chess

Aronian’s international success has had a significant impact on the popularity of chess in Armenia. His victories have drawn widespread attention to the game, inspiring more people to take up chess. As a role model for many young Armenians, he has been credited with fostering a new generation of chess players.

Through these efforts, Aronian continues to contribute vastly to chess culture in Armenia. His initiatives and the inspiration he offers ultimately aim to sustain the future of chess in his homeland.


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Levon Aronian, the Armenian grandmaster, has consistently cemented his place among the world’s best chess players. Known for his exceptional creativity and aggressive play, Aronian continues to challenge the elite and inspire future generations of chess enthusiasts.

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