Perfecting the Squat: The Resistance Band Revolution

I’ve always favored squats as a workout, but achieving the right leg alignment, especially during weighted goblet squats, was a hurdle. It’s essential to challenge oneself in leg exercises without sacrificing proper form. Thus, my journey to perfect my stance began.

While performing squats in front of a mirror was one suggestion, my frequent home workouts made this impractical. This led me to consult Sam Shaw, a certified PT and founder of Lemon Studios in London. His recommendation? A resistance band.

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Using a Resistance Band to Aid Squat Technique

Shaw emphasizes the value of resistance bands for refining squat techniques. He suggests placing the band just above the knees. “Begin in a standing position with legs shoulder-width apart, and as you squat, ensure your chest remains elevated and your hips move backward. Your weight should mainly be on your heels, ” Shaw guides.

He adds, “The resistance from the band enhances glute activation as you press your knees outward.”

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Why Opt for a Resistance Band?

For those whose glutes tend to be inactive during squats, this technique is invaluable. Shaw points out, “People often let their knees buckle inward while squatting, which shifts the load to the quads, possibly affecting the knees and IT band. Pushing against the band ensures the entire posterior chain – glutes, hamstrings, calves, and abductors – is active.”

Indeed, my squats transformed once I incorporated the resistance band, engaging my glutes more effectively.

Things to Remember

However, this technique might not get a nod from all fitness experts. Keoghan Bellew from Fitness Superstore advises caution. He states, “The resistance level of the band should align with an individual’s strength and flexibility. An overly resistant band might do more harm than good, while a less resistant one might not be beneficial. Novices should lean towards a less resistant band and gradually up the resistance as they grow stronger.”

Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

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