Roger Federer: Transitioning from Court to Gym in Retirement

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In the aftermath of his 24-year long illustrious career with the ATP Tour, how has Roger Federer been navigating his initial year of retirement? The tennis titan, boasting 20 major titles, is deeply engrossed in family time and juggling a hectic schedule. Simultaneously, he’s not lost touch with his fitness or the pulse of the tennis world.

“I’ve set a routine of hitting the gym about four times a week. It’s surprising even for me, ” Federer revealed. “Post the Laver Cup in London, I set up some gym equipment at home. It’s ironic that I established a gym post retirement; now I’ve got to make good use of it. I rarely play tennis now, so I’m more mindful of my diet. However, I still have hopes to participate in some exhibition matches, so staying fit is a priority.”

His regimen is diverse. “It includes cardiovascular exercises, weight training, and a lot of core strengthening. Remaining active is key, especially since lesser movement often leads to more bodily discomfort, ” Federer added.

Though he bid adieu to professional tennis at the Laver Cup, Federer’s connection to the sport remains intact. He partners with his dear friend and former rival, Rafael Nadal, and keeps a close watch on ongoing tournaments.

“I consistently check match outcomes. I’m always intrigued by the latest happenings, ” he commented during a detailed conversation with Ursin Caderas from ATP Media. “While I do watch short match highlights on platforms like YouTube, sitting through an entire game is a rarity due to my bustling schedule. For instance, during the Wimbledon final, I could only manage to watch a few games. My curiosity might pull me to keep an occasional check on scores, but dedicating time to watch is challenging.”

On a separate note, Federer was recently celebrated at the Rolex Shanghai Masters. The ceremony, which also honored the WTA legend Li Na and top Chinese ATP player Zhang Zhizhen, presented him with the Icon Athlete Award. The Swiss maestro has clinched the title twice in Shanghai (2014 & 2017) and cherishes fond memories of the event and the unwavering adoration of the fans.

Reminiscing about the passionate Shanghai fans, Federer said, “They’re immensely dedicated. I recall times when they’d patiently wait for hours, just to catch a glimpse. Their commitment almost feels cult-like in its intensity.”

The bond with his Chinese admirers is palpable. After a surprising early exit in 2015, fans serenaded him with heartfelt songs at the airport, expressing hope for his return.

Recalling the touching gesture, Federer mused, “The love and warmth I’ve experienced from the Chinese fans have forged an unforgettable connection.”

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