Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer (2023): A Crossfitter’s Insightful Review

Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer (2023): A Crossfitter's Insightful Review

Adidas presents the Dropset 2 Trainer, designed specifically for lifting and cross-training. This shoe boasts a breathable upper, stable platform, and an outsole that grips effortlessly, ensuring it’s ready for any challenge.

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Key Specifications:

  • Price: $88.69 – $130.00
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 6 millimeters
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces (mens 8.5/womens 9.5)
  • Fit: Wide
  • Ideal for: Cross-training, weightlifting, plyometrics, HIIT, and short runs or interval sprints

My typical day revolves around spending quality time in my home gym, whether that’s with weightlifting, engaging in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), or cardiovascular exercises on my Concept 2 Rower or Rogue Echo Bike. The nature of my workouts varies, depending on my fitness app recommendations and personal mood. Hence, a multifunctional gym shoe is essential.

Previously, I’ve tested footwear from NoBull, Nike, and Reebok, which are top choices among CrossFit professionals. The Dropset 2 is Adidas’s response to these leading training shoes, featuring a cushioned forefoot, robust heel support, and a well-ventilated midfoot. So, does it measure up? Continue reading as I delve into its strengths and weaknesses, share my personal experience, and provide insights from other customers.

Introducing the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer:

Crafted for the multifaceted athlete, the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer seamlessly blends a robust outsole with an agile upper. This synergy makes it a top pick for diverse training routines, from strength sessions to cardio blasts, plyometrics, and agility drills.

Key features include:

  • A six-millimeter drop to ensure your foot’s stability and balance.
  • Reinforced TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) enhancements at both the medial and lateral sides, giving your heel and midfoot that extra support.
  • A dual-density midsole designed to cushion the blows from dynamic activities.
  • A breathable textile upper fortified with synthetic overlays, targeting and strengthening the most vulnerable areas.
  • Adidas’ signature Traxion outsole guarantees grip across varied terrains and during side-to-side movements.

A standout feature of the Dropset 2 is its innovative airflow window incorporated into the sole. This design promotes maximum ventilation, ensuring your feet remain cool and the insole dry, minimizing sweat and odor.


  • Loved Features:
    • The dual-density midsole offers a combination of cushioning on the inside and enhanced support along the outer edges.
    • An airflow window ensures consistent cooling for the feet.
    • Eco-friendly approach with an upper composed of 50% recycled materials.
    • Foot stability is enhanced with the toe clip.
    • Traxion outsole adapts to diverse terrains.
    • Generously spaced toe box.
  • Points to Ponder:
    • Might not be the best choice for extensive running.
    • The toe box could be overly broad for some preferences.
    • TPU medial sidewall might not suit all foot contours.

Our Athletic Journey with the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer:

Fit & Feel:

Upon wearing the Dropset 2 Trainers, I found them to be reassuringly snug, without any constriction. I’m someone who leans towards roomier toe spaces, even though my feet aren’t particularly wide. It’s worth noting that the toe box in these trainers is more spacious than other cross-training shoes I’ve experienced, which required a slight adjustment period. The TPU sidewall efficiently curtailed excessive foot movement, while the tailored fit around the heel added to the overall comfort. I was also impressed by the padded collar’s design around the ankle – during various exercises like burpees, weight lifting, and box jumps, it didn’t cause any friction or discomfort.

Stability Insights:

The combination of the rubber outsole and the dual-density midsole delivered notable stability during Olympic lifts and various exercises, both static and dynamic. The shoe’s sidewall, present on both the lateral and medial sides, effectively curtailed my foot from sliding. I appreciated that the heel of the outsole broadened a bit, allowing more foot-to-ground interaction instead of having a tapered design. While the upper is crafted from a pliable textile, the synthetic overlays are strategically placed to offer strength and prevent the foot from shifting excessively inside. One minor point – the laces felt longer than typical ones. But using the additional eyelets to tighten them turned out to be a happy accident, granting extra support, particularly during high-intensity routines like box jumps.

Experience While Lifting:

I subjected these trainers to a range of exercises: from dynamic motions like Olympic lifts to static ones like shoulder presses. I also tried them for a spectrum of lifts, from heavy to light, often integrated with other exercises in my regimen. The outsole bonded effectively with various surfaces, be it gym flooring or a wooden platform, ensuring my foot had optimal ground contact. Throughout, I found the shoe to be a blend of robustness below and flexibility above. Although I generally gravitate towards minimally cushioned footwear for lifting, those who are inclined towards specific weightlifting shoes with a raised heel might find these less suited to their preference.

Key Insights Before Investing in the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer:

Design & Craftsmanship:

The Dropset Trainer 2 by Adidas boasts a gender-neutral design, currently available in three versatile shades: classic black, a blended gray and olive, and the vibrant Solar Red, a hue that frequently adorns Adidas’ running shoe line. My personal preference leaned towards the olive, appreciating its understated color burst. I’m optimistic that Adidas might expand its color palette in upcoming iterations for those seeking a more tailored appearance.

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Sporting a quintessential athletic aura, the Dropset Trainer 2 showcases a streamlined silhouette. Its features include a subtle collar, an overlay upper, reinforced toe and heel sections, a refined midfoot area, and, unmistakably, Adidas’ signature three stripes.

Comfort & Fit:

The spacious toe section stands out, offering more breadth compared to its predecessor. The medial sidewall exudes a sense of sturdy support, while the slightly extended heel design enhances stability. With the inclusion of six primary eyelets, the shoe allows for precise fit adjustments, though this design choice results in somewhat lengthier laces.

Insights into the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer Components:

Midsole Features:

The Dropset 2 utilizes a dual-density foam midsole, blending a firmer exterior foam with a softer inner layer. This setup ensures lateral movements and weight lifting benefit from the sturdiness of the outer foam, while the inner layer offers shock absorption and comfort. Its 6mm drop keeps your foot grounded and stable. Notably, a removable insole is embedded with 40 ventilation holes starting a couple of inches from the heel, enhancing airflow from the unique ventilated window.

Outsole Details:

The Traxion outsole, made of non-marking rubber, boasts a segmented herringbone design to amplify grip and stability. Tested on diverse terrains—be it gym floors, rocky pavements, wooden platforms, or turf—these trainers ensured a reliable grip. The design intricacies include micro-herringbone patterns within each segment and flex grooves at the forefoot for adaptive movements. The denser midfoot herringbone pattern supports weight distribution and shock absorption. Additionally, a ventilation window with a protective mesh barrier prevents debris entry.

Supplementing its durability, the shoe features protective lateral and medial sidewalls, along with reinforced toe and heel regions.

Upper Attributes:

Crafted from breathable textile, the upper is accentuated by strategically located synthetic overlays, focusing on support and flexibility in high-friction areas. This ensures enhanced ventilation, minimizing overheating during intensive workouts.

A commendable update in the Dropset 2 is the heel tab, simplifying the shoe’s donning and doffing process, especially since utilizing all six eyelets can be slightly cumbersome. Once worn, the cushioned tongue and collar promise comfort, eliminating any risk of abrasion or blister formation.

Key Features and Policies of the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer:

Ventilated Midfoot/Airflow Window:

The Dropset 2 Trainer boasts an integrated airflow window in the outsole positioned at the midfoot. This unique feature enhances ventilation, aiding in moisture control, sweat dissipation, and ensuring the shoe remains light. Reinforced with a mesh screen to prevent debris ingress and double-stitched for longevity, the shoe’s removable insert also contains midfoot perforations, maintaining unhindered airflow. Having this airflow feature, particularly new to me, gave my feet a refreshing feel even in summer workouts.

Torsion System and Support:

Adidas incorporates its renowned Torsion System technology, offering a seamless connection between the forefoot and rearfoot, providing exceptional support.

TPU Sidewall:

Understanding the diverse activities training shoes cater to, Adidas has embedded a TPU sidewall. Crafted from Adiwear6, a resilient synthetic material, it fortifies the shoe’s structure during dynamic movements. Ascending both medial and lateral sides, its herringbone design ensures grip. This sidewall offers lateral support, though its feel may not cater to every foot type. I appreciated its supplementary support, particularly given the shoe’s spacious toe box.

Dual-Density Midsole:

The shoe’s midsole, crafted from lightweight foam, promises cushioning and energy rebound. However, its heel incorporates a sturdier compound, distinguishing it from other Adidas offerings. With its 6mm drop, this shoe grounds your feet, furnishing a firm base ideal for strength-based activities. From my experience, it’s adept for brief runs and versatile workouts, but for longer runs exceeding a mile, dedicated running shoes might be more suitable.

Purchase Policy and Warranty:

Adidas permits product returns or exchanges within a 30-day window from the delivery date. Though the Dropset 2 doesn’t come with a standard warranty, if you encounter defects within six months of purchase, you can file a claim. Upon approval, Adidas compensates with a gift card equating to the defective product’s cost. And for returns? Adidas graciously covers the shipping, provided you utilize their preferred shipping method.

Prospective Buyers for the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer:

The Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer is a top pick for those who crave diversity in their fitness regimen, be it CrossFit, HIIT, powerlifting, strength training, or other diverse workouts. Its well-designed toe box suits those with broader feet or those desiring extra room for toe splay. The side walls cater to those seeking additional midfoot support. Plus, if you’re training in hotter climates, the shoe’s breathable design, complete with an airflow window at the midfoot, ensures your feet stay refreshed.

Who Might Want to Rethink the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer:

Despite its multifaceted nature, the Dropset 2 Trainer isn’t for everyone. Here’s why:

  • If you’re in search of gender-specific aesthetics or an anatomical sock liner, this unisex design might not resonate with you.
  • If convenience is key, bear in mind that the six additional eyelets, while enhancing fit, may require extra time to fasten and unfasten.
  • Long-distance runners seeking plush cushioning might find this shoe lacking in that department.
  • Those with slender feet or a penchant for a snug toe box should explore other avenues.
  • Training in damp or frosty settings? The shoe’s ventilation, while great for breathability, isn’t designed to fend off water.

Feedback from Customers

On the adidas website, customers give these shoes an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars, and they have scored both comfort and quality a 4.6 out of 5. The majority of reviews praise the shoes for their sturdiness, support, and exceptional ventilation. One customer shared, “I got these for BodyPump sessions and my training days. They offer a snug fit, stability during squats, and breathability, thanks to the vent.”

On the flip side, some reviewers feel the shoe’s ankle height is a tad too high, making it occasionally uncomfortable. There were also concerns about the vented window being unsuitable for outdoor conditions like water and sand. A few wished for a wider color palette.

Comparative Analysis of the Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer

Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer vs. Its Predecessor

The updated Dropset 2 Trainer stands out from its predecessor with the addition of an airflow window, an enhanced herringbone pattern on its outsole, and the inclusion of a TPU sidewall. While the Dropset 2 offers a more spacious fit, the original Dropset provides a standard fit. Both versions have the dual-density midsole ensuring durability and stability and feature textile uppers fortified with synthetic overlays. Notably, each model comes with added lace eyelets for personalizing the fit.

Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer vs. Nike Metcon 9

The Dropset 2 Trainer goes toe-to-toe with the Nike Metcon 9, boasting features like its unique airflow window and a traction-rich outsole. Unlike the Dropset 2, the Metcon 9 offers gender-specific designs and an extra color choice. While the Dropset 2 comes with a sidewall for added support, the Metcon 9 sports an extended rubber wrap to aid in versatile movements and a specialized wrap for rope climbing activities.

The Metcon 9 introduces the Hyperlift Plate, enhancing weight distribution and providing heel rigidity, ensuring a grounded, supportive feel during weightlifting. Both models come with padded tongues and collars for comfort, but the Dropset 2’s added lace eyelets offer a tighter fit, whereas the Metcon 9 features a lace-securing system.

Adidas Dropset 2 Trainer: Common Queries

How snug should the adidas Dropset 2 Trainers fit?

For optimum comfort, the Dropset 2 Trainers should feel securely snug but never constricting. Aim for a fit that holds your feet in place without causing any discomfort.

Are the adidas Dropset 2 Trainers suitable for workouts?

Absolutely. They shine in activities like strength training, plyometrics, cardio routines, and agility drills. But for extended running sessions or outdoor exercises in harsh weather, like rain or snow, they might not be the top choice.

Is it possible to run in the adidas Dropset 2 Trainers?

While you can run short distances in the Dropset 2 Trainers, they don’t offer the same cushioning and shock absorption as specialized running shoes.

What’s the break-in period for the adidas Dropset 2 Trainers?

On average, these training shoes take between two to four weeks to fully adapt to your feet, offering optimal comfort and flexibility. However, this timeline can fluctuate based on your foot’s unique shape and how frequently you wear the shoes. Some users might feel they’re perfect straight out of the box.

In Conclusion

The adidas Dropset 2 Trainers bring to the table an impressive lineup of features tailored for cross-training activities. They showcase a durable outsole, cushioned yet firm midsole, an innovative airflow vent, and a supportive TPU sidewall. With a 6 millimeter drop, they provide a stable foundation, making them perfect for weight lifting, body exercises, lateral drills, and short runs. The breathable upper adapts to your foot’s movement during workouts. Whether you’re just starting out or an advanced fitness enthusiast, these shoes, with their spacious toe area and grippy sole, are a versatile addition to your workout gear.

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