Exploring the Cloudnova Shoes: A Fusion of Style and Comfort

The Cloudnova merges the realms of comfort, style, and performance, creating a shoe that has quickly become a favorite among On enthusiasts. These shoes are perfect for those who value a fashionable, yet practical option for daily wear.

Highlights and Specifications:

  • CloudTec Cushioning
  • Speedboard Support
  • Customizable Padded Heel and Lacing
  • Tailored for Daily Use
  • Available Sizes: Men’s 7 to 14 | Women’s 5 to 11

On has established itself as a frontrunner in the running and trail running shoe market, known for its blend of support, fashion, and innovative design. The entire On cloud shoe range is acclaimed for its outstanding cushioning. On claims these shoes are crafted to transform the running experience with gentle landings and dynamic take-offs. Research suggests that enhanced cushioning can boost running efficiency, a factor contributing to the growing popularity of On shoes.

While On’s reputation was initially built on running-focused footwear, the brand has recently branched out with the Cloudnova, a shoe designed for everyday use. This sneaker combines On’s celebrated performance technology with a touch of style, ideal for all-day wear. Discovering a sneaker that offers comfort, support, and style throughout the day is often challenging. The Cloudnova might just be the elusive perfect sneaker you’ve been looking for. Dive into our comprehensive review of the Cloudnova to learn everything about these fashionable and functional shoes.

Introducing the On Cloudnovas: A Harmonious Blend of Performance, Comfort, and Style

The On Cloudnovas are meticulously designed to encapsulate performance, technology, and style, ideal for continuous, everyday use. At the core of Cloudnova’s innovation lies On’s acclaimed CloudTec technology. This proprietary technology is engineered to provide exceptional cushioning and adaptive multi-directional compression, ensuring a smooth landing and energetic take-offs.

Research indicates that shoes with enhanced cushioning can mitigate the impact on the musculoskeletal system, potentially reducing injuries among recreational runners. This heightened cushioning often translates to increased comfort in footwear. However, the Cloudnova’s features extend beyond CloudTec. It incorporates On’s unique Speedboard, a vital component in its design.

The Speedboard, a liquid-injected thermoplastic polymer layer nestled between the midsole and the upper, synergizes with the Cloudtec cushioning. This combination allows the Cloudtec soles to absorb the impact of each step, while the Speedboard gathers energy, flexes, and releases it, aiding in forward propulsion. Furthermore, Cloudnova is equipped with rubber reinforcements to enhance the foot’s natural rolling motion, promoting proper form. The design also includes a spacious toe box, accommodating the natural expansion of the feet over time.

This engineering brilliance doesn’t just offer comfort; it also aligns with the natural movement of the feet. Many users acclaim the Cloudnova as the finest all-day wear trainers they’ve experienced, praising its overall quality. Whether it’s for a casual walk or a quick session on the treadmill, the Cloudnova delivers both in technology and support. Aesthetically, On has successfully captured contemporary style. With nine color options for men and ten for women, the Cloudnova aligns seamlessly with modern fashion trends.

On Men’s Cloudnova Sneakers

On Women’s Cloudnova Sneakers

Exploring the On Cloudnova Range: A Variety of Models for Every Need

The On Cloudnova line offers more than just the standard model, with several unique variations catering to different preferences and activities.

  1. On Cloudnova Form
    • Design: A minimalist design, this sneaker incorporates Zero-Gravity foam and a wide outsole, along with the signature Speedboard.
    • Use: Ideal for shorter runs, general training, and daily activities due to its lower silhouette.
  2. Cloudnova Z5
    • Style: A limited-edition, monochromatic upper with Icelandic blue accents on the heel and toe, featuring ultra-thin mesh typical of track shoes.
    • Availability: Exclusive to On members, which requires a free sign-up on their website.
  3. On Cloudnova Wrap
    • Unique Feature: Tailored for women, this model boasts a ribbon lacing system for a custom fit.
    • Design: Along with CloudTec cushioning and Speedboard, it’s designed specifically for a woman’s foot, offering a snugger fit.
  4. On Cloudnova Undyed
    • Appearance: Features the same technology as the standard Cloudnova, but in a striking all-white design, including an inner sock construction.
  5. On Cloudnova Form Titanite
    • Inspiration: Drawing from the rarest gem in the Swiss Alps, this limited-edition sneaker is engineered for travel.
    • Features: Includes CloudTec, Speedboard, and a form-fitting upper, mirroring the standard model’s technology.

Ideal Users for On Cloudnovas

According to On, these shoes are best suited for everyday urban wear and walking, offering a blend of style and practicality for city dwellers.

Understanding On Cloudnovas: Who They Might Not Suit and What to Consider

When On Cloudnovas Might Not Be the Right Choice

  • Not Ideal for Dedicated Runners: While Cloudnovas share some features with On’s running shoes, they’re primarily designed for daily wear and might not support prolonged running activities.
  • Potential Discomfort for Some Users: The mid-cut bootie design can feel unusual, particularly during running. Some users have reported discomfort or rubbing against the ankle.
  • Challenges in Wearing: The inner sock and unique heel-tongue design might require extra effort to put on, making them less suitable for those seeking shoes that are easy to slip in and out of.

The Advantages of Choosing On Cloudnovas

  • Comfort Meets Style: These sneakers offer a stylish design without compromising on comfort.
  • High Cushioning Level: They provide substantial cushioning for everyday activities.
  • Ideal for Daily Wear: Specifically engineered for regular, non-intensive use.
  • Lightweight Design: The shoes are notably light, adding to their comfort.
  • Minimal Break-In Needed: Most users find they don’t require a break-in period.

The Limitations of On Cloudnovas

  • Price Point: They are on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Potential Fit Issues: The mid-cut bootie might not be comfortable for all, and sizes may run slightly small.

On Men’s Cloudnova Sneakers

On Women’s Cloudnova Sneakers

Key Considerations Before Purchasing On Cloudnovas

Before committing to a pair of Cloudnovas, it’s crucial to understand their technological profile and features. Assess your needs and preferences against what these sneakers offer to ensure they align with your expectations and requirements.

Exploring the Features of Cloudnova Shoes

Materials and Design

  • Upper Construction: The Cloudnova features a mesh upper, optimized for breathability. It’s specially woven in areas requiring high mobility for added durability.
  • Inner Sock Feature: Aimed at enhancing comfort, the Cloudnova includes an inner sock. However, some reviewers have noted that this layer can be somewhat difficult to navigate when putting the shoes on.

Color Variations

  • Women’s Selection: The women’s Cloudnova is available in a palette of 10 colors, including black/eclipse, white/limelight, all white, white/cobalt, eclipse/meadow, navy/white, white/glacier, cream/camo, phantom/white, and white/pearl.
  • Men’s Range: Men have a choice of nine colors: black/eclipse, white/limelight, all white, eclipse/meadow, navy/white, phantom/white, white/red, silver/orange, and white/mineral.

Sizing Details

  • Men’s Sizes: Available from size seven to 14 in half sizes, with the exception of 13.5.
  • Women’s Sizes: Range from five to 11 in half sizes.
  • Width Options: Neither the men’s nor women’s versions come in a wide fit. Given the snug design of these sneakers, it’s recommended to consult the sizing chart for an accurate fit.


  • Standard Models: The Cloudnova, Cloudnova Undyed, and Cloudnova Form Titanite are priced at $159.99.
  • Other Variants: The Cloudnova Form is available for $149.99, while the limited edition Cloudnova Z5 is priced at $179.99. The women-exclusive Cloudnova Wrap is offered at $169.99.

Shipping Information

  • Free Shipping: Orders exceeding $50 are eligible for free shipping.

Understanding On’s Warranty and Return Policy

  • 90-Day Return Policy: On provides customers with a hassle-free 90-day return window, allowing for returns at no extra cost.
  • Limited Warranty Coverage: The warranty specifically addresses issues arising from manufacturing or material defects. In such instances, On will replace the product free of charge.

On Men’s Cloudnova Sneakers

On Women’s Cloudnova Sneakers

Frequently Asked Questions About On Cloudnova Shoes

  1. Size Fit of On Cloudnovas:
    • General Feedback: Most find the On Cloudnova true to size.
    • Fit Style: They are snug, often perceived as slightly narrow.
    • Sizing Tip: If unsure, it’s advisable to go up half a size for a more comfortable fit.
  2. Suitability for Standing:
    • Design Focus: Crafted for all-day, everyday wear.
    • Comfort and Support: Despite their performance-oriented design, Cloudnovas offer ample comfort and support for prolonged standing, thanks to their responsive and cushioned nature.
  3. Best Use: Running or Walking?
    • Versatility: Cloudnovas are adept for both running and walking.
    • Primary Use: They excel in daily wear and urban exploration.
    • Walking Comfort: Ideal for extended periods on your feet.
    • Light Running: Capable for occasional light running, though not primarily designed for it.
  4. Lacing System:
    • Design: Features a unique system combining loops and straps for an even pull.
    • Usage: Utilizes a no-tie method with elastic laces that easily pull close.
    • Adjusting Laces: Tighten by pulling and then tucking under the tongue.
  5. Cleaning Cloudnovas:
    • Recommended Method: Hand-wash only, avoiding machine washing.
    • Maintenance: Spot cleaning after each use is advised for upkeep.
  6. Arch Support:
    • Arch Support: Cloudnovas do not have specialized arch support.
    • Shoe Type: Not designed as stability shoes, possibly not ideal for those needing significant arch support.

Concluding Insights on On Cloudnova Sneakers

  • Brand Reputation: On maintains its tradition of crafting high-quality sneakers, focusing on optimal cushioning for superior comfort.
  • Product Introduction: The Cloudnova, introduced as On’s inaugural everyday shoe, has swiftly gained popularity.
  • Blend of Style and Comfort: Merging fashionable design with comfort, the Cloudnova incorporates running technology from On’s specialized running shoe line.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in a variety of trendy color options, the Cloudnova stands out as a versatile, durable, and fashionable choice, earning widespread acclaim among On enthusiasts.

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