Nike Infinity Running Shoe Assessment

Nike Infinity Running Shoe Assessment

A cardinal aspect for any runner is the investment in a high-quality pair of running shoes. Especially after a taxing day on your feet, the right kind of running shoes can either motivate you to head out for a run or deter you altogether. Where an uncomfortable pair might give birth to excuses of an awaiting dinner or an enticing TV episode, a comfortable pair could propel you onto the track, embracing the run you rightfully deserve.

Enter the Nike Infinity Running Shoes, engineered with such comfort that nudges you towards a positive nod, even after the most exhausting days. My initial experience with the Nike Infinity Running Shoes was nothing short of a revelation. The cushioning and comfort were astounding, lending a sensation akin to running on a cloud. Investing in these shoes translates to many miles of readily agreeing to a run. The comforting embrace of the Nike Infinity propels your willingness, turning the tiring idea of a run into an eagerly anticipated activity, regardless of the day you’ve had.

Design & Features Overview

Upper Construction: The Nike Infinity boasts an upper that combines breathability and flexibility. It snugly wraps around your foot, ensuring stability throughout your run. Notably, the spacious toe region enhances comfort. A standout feature is its water-resistant liner – during a rain-soaked run, my feet remained notably drier.

Midsole Innovation: The midsole is arguably the shoe’s shining feature. Utilizing Nike’s cutting-edge React 2 foam, the Infinity not only promises enhanced comfort but also makes a commendable environmental stride, reducing its carbon footprint by a remarkable 43%.

Outsole Design: Furnished with Nike’s iconic waffle-patterned outsole, the Infinity guarantees dependable traction, especially on slick surfaces during wet conditions. Enhanced with extra rubber, this design choice promises heightened resilience against daily wear and tear.

Customer Feedback Synopsis

This shoe has garnered an appreciative customer base, with reviews resoundingly praising its comfort, breathability, support, and durability—a sentiment I can personally resonate with from my running sessions. Many have also found its versatility appealing, highlighting its suitability for walking or even daily wear to work. The React 2 foam technology is especially cherished by customers, earning accolades for being supremely soft while concurrently reducing Nike’s carbon footprint. Achieving a trifecta of stability, softness, and responsiveness (rebound) is a commendable feat, and Nike appears to have struck the right balance with this design.

A couple of recurrent mentions in the reviews pertain to the shoe’s weight and sizing advice from Nike. Tipping the scales at 353 grams (for a men’s size 10), the weight might initially raise eyebrows. Despite the numbers, my personal experience contradicts any hesitations; the shoes didn’t feel cumbersome while running. So, despite its seemingly hefty profile on paper, this pair indeed facilitates a rhythmic stride that will have runners enjoying their journey mile after mile. Regarding the sizing, a small hiccup arises with Nike’s recommendation to opt for a half size larger. This advice aims to address concerns about toe space or the knit fitting a tad too tight, ensuring a better fit for those worried about snugness.

Ideal Usage of the Nike Infinity

My affection for the Nike Infinity finds its roots in its versatility, catering to a relaxed neighborhood jog, a prolonged distance run, and the myriad paces in between. I find myself aligning with other patrons who appreciate its dual character that’s just as suited for a leisurely stroll or cradling your feet through a marathon workday.

Experience on the Run

The Nike Infinity’s charm unfolded with the maiden jog, unfolding a pleasant surprise. Departing from the customary break-in period synonymous with many running shoes, this pair showcased exceptional comfort straight out of the box. The meticulous construction and design manifest with the snug yet non-constricting embrace of the upper, the generous cushioning juxtaposed with a lively response from the React 2 foam in the midsole—a challenging equilibrium well achieved. Furthermore, the outsole extends a promise of both traction and durability, essential for a pair I intend to cover substantial miles with. Diverging from other counterparts lacking robust rubber coverage, the longevity of this shoe seems promising.

During a tempo run, the shoes competently accommodated the upticks in speed. Although not primarily crafted for speed owing to its cushion-centric design, transitioning across varying paces was effortlessly achieved.

Nike Infinity Frequently Asked Questions

How durable are the Nike Infinity shoes?

A majority of reviews commend the Nike Infinity’s durability, with many users experiencing satisfactory performance close to or beyond 500 miles. This places them on the higher spectrum of the average running shoe lifespan. (It’s advisable to replace running shoes between 300 to 500 miles, or as the cushioning begins to deteriorate.)

Do the Nike Infinity shoes cater to flat feet?

Absolutely, as someone with flat feet, I can vouch for their suitability. Individuals with flat feet often experience over-pronation, and these shoes address this with a broad base enhancing stability—one of the primary reasons Nike lists it among the top three running shoes for flat-footed individuals. Moreover, its elevated cushioning ensures a substantial portion of your foot remains in contact with the shoe, offering better control and cushioning to counter over-pronation.

What distinguishes the Nike Infinity?

Throughout this review, notable advancements from the previous Infinity model have been highlighted. These include the new Flyknit upper, the introduction of the React 2 foam in the midsole—boosting energy return and reducing carbon footprint—and an optimized outsole, delivering superior support.

Nike Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Pros and Cons


  1. Enhanced Comfort: The shoe incorporates Nike’s plush React foam in the midsole which offers a cushioned and soft ride, making long runs more comfortable.
  2. Improved Support: The design aims to reduce injury risk through added support, especially beneficial for runners who tend to over-pronate.
  3. Breathable Material: The Flyknit upper allows for good airflow, keeping the feet dry and comfortable during runs.
  4. Lightweight Design: Despite its supportive features, the shoe remains lightweight making it a suitable option for daily training.
  5. Versatile Use: Users have found it to be versatile for different types of runs as well as casual wear.
  6. Durable Construction: The shoe has a reputation for holding up well over hundreds of miles, making it a good investment for regular runners.


  1. Sizing Issues: Some users have reported that the sizing is a bit off, and it might require ordering a half size up for a better fit.
  2. Price Point: The shoe is on the pricier side, which might deter budget-conscious buyers.
  3. Lack of Responsiveness: While the cushioning is praised, some runners might find the shoe lacks the responsiveness desired during faster-paced runs.
  4. Style Limitations: Although subjective, some users might find the design and color options less appealing compared to other running shoes in the market.
  5. Arch Support: Individuals with very high arches might find the arch support insufficient.

Concluding Insights: Is the Nike Infinity the Right Choice for You?

The Nike Infinity encompasses an all-encompassing array of features—comfort, support, responsiveness, breathability, and adaptability. Whether you’re embarking on a casual neighborhood stroll or gearing up for a strenuous seven-mile run, these shoes are poised to keep your feet comfortably cushioned with every stride you take.

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