Selecting the Ideal Ski Poles: A Comprehensive Guide

Selecting the Ideal Ski Poles: A Comprehensive Guide

Ski poles, integral to both balance and movement on the slopes, are more than just a fashion statement. Selecting appropriate poles is as vital as finding the perfect pair of skis or boots. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran skier, this guide will assist you in navigating the terrain of ski pole selection.

Understanding Materials of Ski Poles

Ski poles are crafted from a range of materials, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. The most frequently used are aluminum, carbon, and composites.

  1. Aluminum poles: Valued for their resilience and affordability, aluminum poles are adept at enduring harsh conditions, making them an excellent choice for those new to the sport.
  2. Carbon poles: These poles are the featherweights of the bunch, a feature prized by skiers aiming for speed and efficiency. Additionally, their shock-absorbing properties ensure a smoother ride. On the downside, they often come with a heftier price tag and may not be as robust as aluminum poles.
  3. Composite poles: These poles use a mix of materials, combining the lightweight benefits of carbon with the strength of aluminum.

Components of Ski Poles: Handles, Straps, and Tips

  1. Handles: Ski pole handles should afford a secure grip and a comfortable fit. Ergonomically designed handles that are slip-resistant and provide insulation are optimal.
  2. Straps: Also referred to as lanyards, straps anchor the poles to your wrists, reducing the risk of losing your poles in a tumble. The strap length should be adjustable to fit different sizes of gloves.
  3. Tips: Positioned at the base of the pole, these are essential for traction and to prevent your poles from sinking excessively into the snow. Consider wider baskets, which are better suited for deep snow conditions.

Determining Ski Pole Length Based on Your Height

A simple rule of thumb for ski pole selection is to turn the pole upside down, placing the handle on the ground, and your elbow should create a 90-degree angle. Below is a basic guide to assist in selecting the right pole length based on your height:

Skier’s Height (ft & in)Skier’s Height (cm)Pole Length (cm)
4’1″ – 4’4″125 – 13390
4’5″ – 4’8″134 – 14295
4’9″ – 5’0″143 – 152105

(Note: Extend the chart as needed)

Selection of Ski Poles for Different Skiing Styles

  1. Skating: Skating ski poles should extend to somewhere between your chin and lips when you are standing straight, making them longer than those used for classic skiing.
  2. Classic Skiing: If you’re into classic cross-country skiing, the ideal ski pole length should reach your armpit.

Adhering to FIS Ski Pole Length Guidelines

For certain racing events, the International Ski Federation (FIS) stipulates specific ski pole lengths. For instance, during the FIS World Cup, a competitor’s ski poles must not exceed their height. Always ensure you’re familiar with the rules of any event in which you plan to participate.

Top 5 Best Ski Poles

G3 Via Carbon

The G3 GENUINE GUIDE GEAR VIA Carbon Fiber Backcountry Touring Ski Poles bring together the elements of reliability, toughness, and effectiveness, optimized for backcountry pursuits. Constructed from carbon fiber, these poles offer a resilient yet feather-light structure engineered to endure the severity of the harshest terrains and conditions. The poles are equipped with an ergonomically tailored handle for a comfortable grasp, coupled with an adjustable strap to fit different hand sizes. To add to their adaptability, these poles also boast an adjustable length, enhancing their suitability for varying skier heights and styles.


  1. Ultra-light Structure: Fabricated from carbon fiber, these poles are exceptionally light, decreasing arm exhaustion and enhancing manageability during prolonged backcountry adventures.
  2. Sturdy Design: Despite their lightweight attribute, these poles demonstrate considerable robustness, built to resist the rough terrains and varying weather conditions typical of backcountry skiing.
  3. Comfortable Handles: The handle, designed with comfort in mind, ensures simplified control and handling, alleviating hand strain during extended ski sessions.
  4. Customizable Strap and Length: The poles are fitted with an adjustable strap, compatible with a range of glove sizes for a snug fit. The adjustable length makes them adaptable to different skier heights and skiing techniques, enhancing the pole’s versatility.


  1. Costly: The inclusion of carbon fiber pushes the price of these poles higher than their aluminum or composite counterparts. They constitute a substantial financial commitment and may not be the best fit for beginners or occasional skiers.
  2. Potential for Fragility: Despite carbon fiber being strong, it might be more susceptible to fractures or breakages under intense pressure or impact compared to aluminum poles.
  3. Adjustment Mechanism Concerns: The design of the length adjustment system may prove to be a potential vulnerability over prolonged periods, especially with frequent adjustments or under extreme conditions.

LEKI Detect S Ski Pole Pair

Created for the discerning skier, the LEKI Detect S Ski Pole Pair delivers high performance in a package designed for stability, ease, and adaptability on the ski slopes. They showcase a resilient yet feather-light aluminum shaft, combined with the cutting-edge Trigger S grip mechanism, and durable carbide tips for unrivaled performance and longevity.


  1. Long-lasting Durability: These poles, crafted from premium aluminum, are sturdy and tailored to endure a range of skiing conditions, presenting superior durability.
  2. Feather-light Design: Despite their robustness, the aluminum build ensures that the poles remain light, facilitating easy maneuverability and minimizing fatigue during prolonged ski adventures.
  3. Innovative Trigger S Grip System: This unique system delivers a secure and comfortable grip, enabling a swift and effortless click in and out during pole planting. This enhances safety and efficiency on the slopes.
  4. Resilient Carbide Tips: The ski poles feature carbide tips, which are known for their excellent durability. They provide commendable traction across various snow surfaces.


  1. Higher Price Point: The LEKI Detect S Ski Pole Pair, while providing numerous advantages, comes with a heftier price tag compared to other ski pole alternatives. This may make it less attractive to those on a restricted budget or beginners reluctant to invest heavily in equipment.
  2. Lack of Adjustability: Contrary to some other ski poles, these do not feature an adjustable length. This could restrict their flexibility to accommodate different skier heights or skiing techniques.

Volkl Phantastick 18mm Poles

For skiers who prioritize both comfort and dependability, the Volkl Phantastick 18mm Poles are an optimal choice. Crafted with a high-quality, 18mm diameter aluminum shaft, these poles promise to offer heightened resilience. They boast a comfortable grip, a sturdy carbide tip, and a chic, contemporary design. Additionally, they are available in an array of bold and vibrant colors, ensuring you find a perfect match for your style.


  1. Sturdy Build: The poles are equipped with a superior-grade aluminum shaft, ensuring impressive durability and offering a dependable performance across varying snow conditions.
  2. Ergonomic Grip: The grip of these poles is designed with comfort in mind. The ergonomic design is easy to hold, reducing hand fatigue and providing improved control.
  3. Solid Carbide Tip: The carbide tip integrated into these poles offers steady traction, assuring a firm plant irrespective of the snow surface.
  4. Elegant Design: The sleek and stylish design of these poles is complemented by a choice of dynamic color options, offering functionality without compromising on aesthetics.


  1. Higher Price Point: The Volkl Phantastick 18mm Poles fall on the pricier end of the spectrum when compared to other alternatives. This could be a potential deterrent for budget-conscious skiers.
  2. Fixed Length: The poles lack an adjustable length feature, which may limit their versatility for skiers of different heights or those who prefer varying lengths for different skiing styles.

MSR DynaLock Trail

Designed for skiers who don’t compromise on comfort or reliability, the Volkl Phantastick 18mm Poles make an ideal selection. These poles are constructed with an 18mm diameter aluminum shaft of superior quality, ensuring they can withstand challenging conditions. With an ergonomic grip, a strong carbide tip, and a modern, chic design, they not only perform well but also look great. Available in a variety of vivid and bold colors, they allow you to choose according to your personal style.


  1. Quality Construction: With a top-grade aluminum shaft, these poles guarantee excellent durability. They can deliver consistent performance in a variety of snow conditions.
  2. Comfortable Hold: The poles feature an ergonomic grip designed to minimize hand fatigue, providing enhanced control for better skiing performance.
  3. Dependable Carbide Tip: The poles’ robust carbide tip assures reliable traction, ensuring a secure grip on different types of snow surfaces.
  4. Attractive Aesthetics: Their sleek design, coupled with an array of lively color choices, provides a perfect blend of function and style.


  1. Cost Considerations: As compared to other options in the market, the Volkl Phantastick 18mm Poles command a higher price, which might be a concern for skiers on a tight budget.
  2. Non-Adjustable Length: These poles come in a fixed length, which may not be ideal for skiers of varying heights or those who switch between different styles of skiing that require different pole lengths.

Salomon Arctic

The Salomon Arctic 110 Blue Ski Poles, with their durability and user-friendly design, stand as a trustworthy option for ski equipment. Showcased in a captivating blue color, these poles, measuring 110cm, are equipped with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum shaft and a dual-material grip designed for comfort.


  1. Robust and Long-lasting: Thanks to the solid aluminum shaft, the Salomon Arctic Poles are crafted to endure regular and intensive use on various terrains, affirming their robustness.
  2. Featherweight Design: The clever use of aluminum ensures the poles are light, augmenting maneuverability and reducing the strain on the arms during prolonged ski sessions.
  3. Comfortable to Hold: The poles feature a bi-material grip that is comfortable to hold, contributing to better control and an enhanced skiing experience.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing: The captivating blue color of these poles offers a stylish flair, making them a visually appealing addition to your ski gear.


  1. Non-adjustable Length: The Salomon Arctic Poles are set at a fixed length of 110cm. The absence of adjustability might not be ideal for skiers of varying heights or those who prefer different pole lengths depending on their skiing style.
  2. Cost Consideration: Although not the priciest option available, the Salomon Arctic Poles might not cater to the financial preferences of beginners or occasional skiers.
  3. Absence of Additional Features: These poles lack certain advanced features like a quick-release strap or a shock-absorption system, which are commonly found in more premium models.

Final Words

Finding the right ski poles is an essential step in enhancing your skiing experience. Prioritizing your comfort, style of skiing, and the specific conditions in which you plan to ski should guide your decision-making process. Here’s to your thrilling adventures on the slopes!

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