Unveiling Wellness: A Comprehensive Review of Apollo Wearable and Apollo Neuro App 2023

In today’s health-centric world, staying on top of your wellness journey is no longer a tedious task, thanks to the advent of fitness wearables. Among the ocean of smartwatches and fitness trackers, the Apollo wearable, paired with the Apollo Neuro App, emerges as a promising beacon for those seeking to enhance sleep, relieve stress, and bolster focus. As a certified sports nutrition coach and personal trainer, I took a deep dive into this innovative product to dissect its potential in promoting holistic wellness.

Fitness wearables have seamlessly intertwined with our daily routines, offering much more than just step and heart rate tracking. Their evolution paves the way towards a future where monitoring and improving personal wellness is effortlessly integrated into our lifestyles.

Stepping into the spotlight is the Apollo wearable from Apollo Neuro. Boasting a compact design comparable to the familiar aesthetics of Samsung or Apple watches, this device is engineered to reinvigorate your senses. Created by a team of adept physicians and psychiatrists, Apollo employs gentle, soothing vibrations through sound waves, aiming to rejuvenate your energy levels, mitigate stress, elevate mood, and foster better sleep.

In this review, we’ll traverse through the crucial aspects of the Apollo wearable. We’ll delve into its mechanism, scrutinize the science endorsing its claims, weigh the advantages against the drawbacks, and evaluate the costs, all accompanied by my hands-on feedback. Our objective is to furnish you with a well-rounded perspective, assisting you in determining whether the Apollo wearable aligns with your wellness aspirations.

While this review aims to provide a thorough insight, it’s paramount to note that it doesn’t substitute for professional medical advice. It’s advisable to consult with your healthcare provider before embarking on any new wellness or fitness regimen, to ensure it’s the right fit for your health requirements.

Exploring the Apollo Wearable: A Snapshot Review

In the burgeoning world of wearable technology, the Apollo wearable emerges as a notable companion for individuals aiming to enhance their energy levels, alleviate stress, improve sleep quality, and sharpen focus. This gadget operates by emitting low-frequency sound waves, which are perceived as gentle vibrations, orchestrating a shift in your emotional and physical state.

The accompanying Apollo Neuro app allows users to schedule their preferred “Apollo Vibes”, enabling automated play at designated times throughout the day, fostering a personalized wellness routine.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to adorn the Apollo wearable for a span of three hours daily, across a five-day weekly stretch. This gadget seamlessly integrates with other prominent health-tracking wearables such as the Oura Ring, Apple Watch, and Apple Health, promoting a consolidated health monitoring experience.


  1. Natural Wellness Alternative:
    • The Apollo wearable champions a drug-free approach to enhancing your well-being. Unlike conventional stimulants or relaxants like caffeine, nicotine, or melatonin, it leverages your sense of touch to catalyze a natural shift in your emotional state.
  2. Diverse Vibration Modes:
    • With the Apollo Neuro app, choose from eight distinct “Apollo Vibes” tailored for various needs – Energy, Social, Focus, Power Nap, Recover, Calm, Unwind, and Fall Asleep. This variety allows for a customizable wellness journey.
  3. Side-Effect Free:
    • Enjoy the benefits of the Apollo wearable sans any adverse side effects, marking a safe pathway towards improved wellness.
  4. Scientifically Vetted:
    • The efficacy of the Apollo wearable is bolstered by robust scientific research, encompassing two double-blind randomized placebo-controlled crossover studies, seven concluded clinical trials, with an additional 14 trials presently in progress.

Apollo Neuro Wearable

An In-Depth Look at Apollo Wearable: Your Wellness Companion

Accompanied by a reassuring 1-year warranty, the Apollo wearable steps onto the wellness stage with a promise of transforming your daily well-being. Before diving into its functionality, here are some aspects worth considering:

  1. Dimensional Aspect:
    • The present version of the Apollo wearable presents a somewhat bulky appearance, nearly double the size of the compact Whoop health and fitness tracker.
  2. Tracking Limitations:
    • Unlike typical trackers, the Apollo wearable focuses solely on operational usage, requiring manual selection from its eight “Apollo Vibes” to enhance your mood or energy.

The Essence of Apollo Neuro Technology

Crafted to alter your mood and energy, the Apollo wearable releases low-frequency sound waves perceived through your skin. These delicate vibrations, termed as “Apollo Vibes,” vary in duration and intensity, enabling a spectrum of effects from heightened focus and energy to an encompassing calm and expedited recovery. The principle is simple: elevated vibrations aim to enhance focus and energy, while subdued vibrations aim to curtail stress and induce relaxation. With eight distinct Apollo Vibes, the control of sculpting your mood lies at your fingertips.

The overarching aim of the Apollo Neuro brigade is to empower individuals to manage stress, fostering a pathway to a healthier, cheerful life. To substantiate the efficacy of their creation, rigorous scientific exploration is underway, with seven completed and 14 ongoing clinical trials adding credence to their endeavor.

Unveiling the Impact: Highlights from Clinical Studies

The outcomes from completed clinical studies, as shared on the Apollo Neuro website, are certainly compelling:

  • An average reduction of 40% in stress and anxiety levels
  • Up to 25% enhancement in focus and concentration
  • An 11% average uptick in HRV (heart-rate variability)
  • Up to 19% augmentation in deep sleep duration
  • An average acceleration of 10% in physical recovery
  • Up to a 4% decrement in heart rate

With an additional 14 clinical trials in the pipeline, particularly examining the correlation between the Apollo wearable and stress-related ailments, the unfolding research findings hold a promise of unveiling more exciting insights into this wellness companion’s potential.

Navigating the Apollo Wearable: A Simple Guide to Usage

Discover the effortless operation of the Apollo wearable, a device engineered to seamlessly blend into your daily routine, providing a personal touch of wellness on the go.

Setting Up Your Apollo Wearable

  1. Placement Options:
    • Secure your Apollo wearable either on your wrist or ankle using the provided band, or fasten it to your attire—be it on your shirt collar, bra strap, or waistband with the included clip.
  2. Vibe Selection:
    • Power up your chosen Apollo Vibe (be it Energy, Social, Focus, Power Nap, Recover, Calm, Unwind, or Fall Asleep) via the app, and feel the gentle, low-frequency vibrations soothing your senses.
  3. Intensity Tuning:
    • Tailor the intensity to your liking. It’s suggested to start with a milder intensity of around 20 to 40 percent, escalating only if desired, akin to adjusting the volume when listening to music through headphones.

Understanding the Apollo Device

The crux of the Apollo wearable lies in its touch therapy technology, emitting low-frequency sound waves translated into gentle vibrations felt on your skin. The gadget’s size slightly surpasses that of a standard Apple or Samsung watch, initially presenting a chunky feel. Adaptation comes naturally over initial uses. Options are plentiful for placement, be it your wrist, ankle, or attached to your clothing via the clip, catering to personal comfort.

A standout feature is its ability to operate independently of your phone. Replay your last-used Apollo Vibe by a simultaneous press of both buttons located on the device’s side—a handy feature for those midnight wakeful moments when seeking aid to drift back into sleep. Intensity adjustments are a button away, each press tweaking the intensity by 5 percent; the button adorned with a raised dot increases the intensity, while its smooth counterpart lowers it.

Exploring the Apollo Neuro App

Named succinctly as Apollo, the Apollo Neuro app is your gateway to a comprehensive experience. Available for download on both Android and iOS via the Google Play and Apple App store, its user-friendly interface exudes a simple, vibrant design.

Upon installation, a world of features unfurls. You can select from the eight distinct Apollo Vibes, monitor your device usage, and even create a daily vibes playlist aligning with your routine. The scheduling feature shines for those with a structured day, allowing the deployment of specific vibes at predetermined times, further personalizing your journey towards enhanced well-being.

Embracing Tranquility with Apollo Wearable: A Comprehensive Review

Discover the power of sound waves with Apollo wearable, a device engineered to melt away stress and enhance relaxation whether before bedtime or after a high-tension scenario. The efficacy of this innovation is rooted in two clinical trials, where an improvement in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) — a key indicator of resilience to stress and overall wellness — was observed.

I explored the ‘Unwind’ vibe before drifting to sleep, despite not being highly stressed, and felt a noticeable calm washing over me. Although my experience is personal, many have echoed this sense of relaxation in their reviews on the Apollo Neuro website.

Investment in Serenity: The Cost Aspect

Priced at $349.99 (though available at a discounted rate of $299.99 during publication), the package includes the device, an arm or ankle band, clip holder, micro-USB charging cord, and complimentary access to the Apollo Neuro app. Unlike subscription models offered by other brands like Whoop, the one-time payment is a refreshing approach.

The price might seem steep, but when amortized over a year, it boils down to less than a dollar a day — a worthwhile investment if you yearn for long-term relief from stress. The philosophy of Apollo wearable centers around gradually resetting your nervous system, the benefits of which accrue over time.

Concerned about the fit? Fret not. Apollo comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, making your trial risk-free. For budget-conscious buyers, certified refurbished devices are available at $199.99, accompanied by a 90-day limited warranty.

Apollo Neuro Wearable Stealth

Tailored for Consistency: Who is it for?

Apollo wearable is a promising companion for anyone, provided there’s a commitment to consistent usage. Recommended usage spans over three hours daily for a minimum of five days a week. The ‘scheduling feature’ makes adherence straightforward—set your vibe schedule, and let Apollo do the rest. An intuitive quiz named ‘Your Daily Vibes’ crafts a bespoke schedule tuned to your day and energy oscillations.

Varying Applications:

  • Travel:
    • Frequent travelers, especially those traversing time zones or on long-haul flights, might find the ‘Sleep’ or ‘Energy’ vibes invaluable. Long-distance drivers could leverage the ‘Energy’ vibe for sustained alertness during tedious journeys.
  • Performance Boost:
    • Be it acing a workout, or delivering a captivating presentation, the ‘Focus’ vibe aims to sharpen your concentration. Combat the post-lunch lethargy either by plunging into a brief power nap or by energizing your afternoon with the ‘Energy’ vibe.
  • Combatting Stress:
    • Professions marred by high stress such as law enforcement, firefighting, healthcare, or executive roles, could find a tranquil refuge in Apollo’s calming vibes post a demanding day. Socially anxious individuals have shared testimonials of feeling at ease in social settings, showcasing the potential of Apollo wearable as a supportive companion for navigating social terrains.

Evaluating Fit: Is Apollo Wearable Right For You?

Past experience with wearable technology could be a determiner when considering the Apollo wearable. Commonly, wearable gadgets like Whoop, Garmin, Oura-Ring, or the Apple Watch passively gather health and fitness metrics as long as you have them on—your main task is ensuring they remain charged.

However, the Apollo deviates from this passive tracking approach. It requires an active engagement where users select and play their preferred Apollo Vibe via the app. If the thought of this active engagement deters you, or if past inconsistencies with wearable gadgets linger, Apollo might not be the right fit.

The Genesis of Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuro is the brainchild of extensive neuroscience inquiries led by Dr. David Rabin at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Rabin’s quest was to unravel the impacts of various vibrational frequencies on the human body. His investigations revealed a possibility—leveraging the body’s innate reactions to varied tactile stimuli to soothe the nervous system and mitigate chronic stress symptoms. This realization birthed the Apollo wearable, engineered to safely and effectively channel calming vibrations to the skin’s tactile receptors, aiding individuals in navigating the strains of contemporary living.

What sets Apollo apart in the wearable tech arena is its focus—not on biometric tracking, but on therapeutic interaction. It’s envisioned to foster stress resilience, enhanced sleep, sharper focus, and expedited recovery, amongst other benefits. This pioneering concept elevates Apollo to a unique pedestal, potentially heralding a fresh wave of wearables that intertwine with our daily existence in a more direct manner.

Apollo vs. Whoop: A Contrast Yet A Confluence

At a glance, Apollo Neuro and Whoop appear as stark contrasts, yet they could form a harmonious duo. While Apollo aims to modulate your sensations via tactile interactions, Whoop endeavors to chronicle your sleep, recovery, and daily activity strain. The contrast can become a confluence when both devices are employed in tandem, enriching the user’s understanding and control over their wellness journey. Through Apollo’s sensory modulation and Whoop’s meticulous tracking, individuals can glean a comprehensive insight into their well-being while actively managing stress, sleep, and recovery.

In essence, contrasting yet complementing each other, Apollo and Whoop together could provide a rounded strategy towards managing modern-day stresses and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

A Comparative Glimpse: Apollo vs. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, with its wide array of features resembling a mini smartphone on your wrist, stands as a versatile companion for the modern individual. It ventures into health and fitness realms by tracking steps, distance, and calories, alongside monitoring heart rate and alerting on irregular heartbeats. Some models even flaunt a fall detection feature, ensuring help is summoned during hard falls followed by inactivity. Yet, its forte lies in communication – handling calls, texts, emails, music, podcasts, and contactless payments with aplomb.

On the flip side, Apollo doesn’t indulge in these multifaceted operations, nor does it tell time. Its core purpose veers towards altering your emotional state through sound-wave vibrations, rather than amassing health data or facilitating calls. Drawing parallels with Whoop, pairing the Apple Watch and Apollo could be akin to wielding a holistic wellness duo. While one modulates your emotions, the other diligently tracks the impacts, creating a synergy that might be beneficial for the discerning user. Further sweetening this alliance, Apollo seamlessly integrates with Apple Health, and its dedicated app for Apple Watch allows vibe alterations even without your phone at arm’s length. Through Apollo, your mindful minutes get logged in Apple Health, contributing to your holistic wellness narrative.

Yet, Apollo’s ambition to enhance sleep quality, boost heart rate variability, and curb stress doesn’t extend to tracking these metrics. That’s where Whoop steps in, capturing this vital biometric data and offering insights, albeit without active intervention in promoting changes. The complementary nature of these gadgets shines here, facilitating a comprehensive review of whether Apollo’s offerings are translating into tangible benefits.

An illustrative instance is my experiment wherein I dovetailed my Whoop with Apollo Neuro to scrutinize my sleep performance over a week. The probe commenced on Monday, the 28th, extending through to Wednesday, the 30th, revealing an uptick in sleep quality. While I refrain from attributing this solely to Apollo, it’s worth noting that amidst six months of Whoop usage, the highest sleep score I notched was 97 percent, occurring during this investigative stint with Apollo Neuro.

Thus, in juxtaposing Apollo with Apple Watch, it’s evident that while one is a communication powerhouse, the other serves as a wellness companion, each with distinct roles yet potential for a harmonious co-existence in our daily wellness regime.

Apollo Neuro Wearable

Apollo Neuro Essentials: Your Questions Answered

Usage Limits: Can One Overuse Apollo Wearable?

While there isn’t a limit on using Apollo extensively, adhering to the recommended guidelines is a smart start. Apollo advises a baseline usage of three hours daily for five days weekly to witness notable results. However, if you fancy extending the use, you can gradually build upon the suggested timeframe.

Safety Assurance: Is Apollo Wearable Safe?

Absolutely! The Apollo wearable is engineered with safety as a priority. According to the official Apollo website, various vibrational frequencies utilized have shown no significant adverse effects from regular usage. The decibel level of vibrations generated by Apollo is within a safe range, posing no harm.

Battery Longevity: What’s the Charge Duration of Apollo Wearable?

With a full battery charge, expect your Apollo wearable to accompany you for a solid six to eight hours of uninterrupted use.

Placement Preference: Wrist or Ankle for the Apollo Device?

Apollo provides the flexibility to don the device either on your wrist or ankle based on your comfort. While the band facilitates wrist or ankle placement, a clip is provided for attachment to other body areas. Consumer feedback on the Apollo site reveals a tendency towards wrist placement during daytime and ankle placement while asleep.

Easing Anxiety: Does Apollo Wearable Alleviate Anxiety?

Indeed, Apollo’s gentle vibrations aim to quell anxiety symptoms by fostering a tranquil and balanced nervous system. Over time, the device endeavors to acclimate your nervous system to stress, mitigating anxiety effectively.

Verdict: Is Investing in Apollo Neuro Justifiable?

Transitioning from mere fashion statements, today’s health and fitness wearables are potent aides in mastering one’s health. Apollo wearable epitomizes this transition, morphing from a biometric tracker to a therapeutic marvel.

My engagement with the device underscores its value across diverse users and varied applications. Apollo Neuro’s relentless innovation is remarkable, with fresh features like “New Vibes” and personalizations like “Stay Asleep” taking center stage. The latter, when activated, tunes your Apollo to auto-play tranquil Vibes, aiding in maintaining a sound sleep throughout the night.

If Apollo piques your curiosity, I’d recommend leveraging their 30-day hassle-free money-back guarantee to ascertain its compatibility with your wellness aspirations.

Apollo Neuro Wearable Stealth

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